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RESLAM™ Multi Voltage Power Supply

PowerFrontThe RESLAM™ power supply unit is a versatile unit. It is multi input voltage capable, so it runs from 100V to 240V and 50/60hz and hence can be used globally. The batteries are lithium ion and hence don’t suffer from memory effect.

There is a battery protection circuit which prevents the batteries from draining below a certain voltage (Lithium Ion batteries don’t like being drained too low. The unit comes in two different battery configurations depending on how many hours backup is required.

The internal power supply is UL rated. The MTBF for the internal power supply is over a million hours. The unit is designed to enclose and protect the IP communication unit as can be seen in the picture on the right.

PowerBackThe unit is designed to be flat for mounting inside doors that are not much thicker than the IP communication unit. The unit is designed for quick fitment as it only requires 4 screws. The casing is anodised aluminium.

On the rear of the unit there is a power on/off switch.  Power to the unit is supplied via a universal 3 pin plug which is a standard component used for PC platforms and thus makes it simple to use alongside other infrastructure.

The unit carries a 2 year warranty