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Product Info:


The modular electronic safe lock Axessor can be networked or used as a stand-alone unit.
It can be used wherever organizational flexibility, fast response and increased security are required.
It is the ideal safe lock for organizations with large branch networks, such as banks, post office, retail and restaurant chains.


1 Master code
4 Manager codes
36 User codes
1 Courier code

Approvals / Certificates:

ECB-S, EN 1300 level B, VdS Class 2, VdS strike plate contact for IDS class C, CNPP a2p level B*, UL Typ 1* (* approvals pending)


Time lock functions:

Normal time delay
Duress time delay
Confirmation window
Two time lock interruptions windows
Non-return time delay
Remote opening disable
Automatic DLST (summer/winter time changeover)
Holiday periods
Yearly repeating holiday periods
Weekly time lock
Fast locking

Code functions:

Selectable code format
Dual mode for opening (from same, different or any group)
Dual mode for programming
Individual or group code denial
Wrong try lockout after 4 false codes
Duress code (silent alarm)
Shelve function

Other functions:

Low voltage detection
Battery status display
Non-erasable opening counter
Selectable display of next opening time
Error diagnosis, recognition and display