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Product Info:


The 4-sided bolt work family is characterised by its patented modular system. The Defender Module 1 is designed as a 1-lock operated bolt work for safes CEN 0-II. Due to the module components it can be extended very easily from the 1-lock to the 2-lock operated bolt work Defender Module 2.

Both bolt works offer best safety conditions for attacks on the operating handle.

Bolt work:

    • Installation applications
    • – 4-sided
    • – Shaft throw 22 mm, opening angle of handle 55°
    • – Shaft connections: Ø 4.1 mm
    • – Shafts as loose components
    • – Lock mounting: 4 M6 threaded bushes
    • – Opening clockwise


    • Manipulation protection
    • – Bolt protection
    • – Crimped base plate for wire protection


    • Steel blank
    • Square eccentric drive 8 mm, with defined breaking points


    • Bolt work


    • 1-lock operation
    • Dimensions base module 163 x 104 mm
    • Short shafts


  • Weight approx. 1,600 g

Options & Accessories:

Bolt work: Order code:
Defender Module 1 84081


Mounting situations: Option code:
For right hand doors (under certain conditions also suitable for left hand doors) SRR
For left hand doors (under certain conditions also suitable for right hand doors) SRL


Options: Option code:
Mounting situations
For right hand doors SRR
For left hand doors SRL
Mounting situation 1 ESE
Mounting situation 2 ESZ
Base module/extension plate not crimped GNS
Throw 15 mm HUB015
Extended shafts for installation of longer locks VLS
Opening counter-clockwise OGU
Prepared for swing bolt technology SBT
Manipulation protection
Bolt protection with doubled manganese steel plate RMN
Base module/extension plate with spot welded manganese steel plate 1.5 mm thick GMN
Without bolt protection ORK
Material / Surface
Base module/extension plate steel chromated CHR
Shafts chromated SCH


Accessories Order number
Additional lock driven blocking slide as installation set 3 118 000 060